X-Ray Facility

X-Ray Facility at Southern Arizona OrthopedicsYOUR IMAGING EXPERIENCE AT SAO

We provide state-of-the-art X-ray services at SAO in order to ensure accurate diagnosis and a timely visit.

Waiting for the results of an X-ray – or traveling to an outside facility to have one, can waste your time and delay diagnosis.

Our integrated digital x-ray system, which eliminates the delay in developing x-ray films, makes the images immediately available for viewing by your doctor.


To insure that your radiology exam goes as smoothly as possible, please follow these instructions:

Please do not wear clothing with the following items, as these items will alter the image:

  • Sparkling items of any kind
  • Zippers
  • Buttons
  • Jewelry
  • Knees – pants should be worn ½ inch above the knee
  • Legs – pants should be worn ¼ inch above the knee
  • Please do not wear Denim of any kind as Denim clothing may block the image
  • Shoulders – for women (no bras); jewelry should not be worn on neck (men and women)
  • Gowns and Shorts are kept in our Radiology Suite for your convenience

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