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Southwestern Surgery Associates is located in Tucson, Arizona

Our surgeons have a long history of providing the best-specialized surgical care in Southern Arizona.

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  • "Thank you so much for your kindness, smiles, and empathy."

    Kim P.
  • "As a family member of someone in the medical profession, I know the value of a day off! Your willingness to load your entire family into the car for an examination and then return later for surgery went above and beyond the call! I have been fortunate to have been treated by the best!"

    Jill M.
  • "Besides being a skilled surgeon, you are also a nice person. That's important!"

    Warren W.
  • "Thank you for your kindness and support through this difficult time. You are a great doctor."

    Terry E.
  • "I forgot what it feels like to sleep or enjoy every day without regurg. It's amazing how I feel now and how miserable I felt one year ago." 

  • "I couldn't believe I had a surgery. You are on my "A" list."

    Jeri D.
  • "Your care before, during, and after surgery has been great and that has meant so much to me."

    Vicki S.
  • "I feel 100% better since you removed my gallbladder. Thank you for making me feel human again."

    Julia C.
  • "I am pleased from start to finish with my husband's lap chole...Dr. Favre, it has always been a pleasure working with you." 

    Brandi B.
  • "We appreciated your grace and dignity in helping us. We thank you deeply for your beautiful humanity."

    Audrey H.
  • "You were so kind to examine me, respond to my questions, and ease my concerns. You took time to minister to me, although I was not your patient."

    Jackie A.
  • "Thanks for being the outstanding doctor and surgeon you are."

  • "You are very considerate of your patients and that means so much to know your doctor does care!"

    Yvonne L.
  • "I know you see hundreds of patients referred to you, every month...perhaps they don't all say thank you, so I am stating it for all of them --and me too!"

  • "All of my...comrades are amazed you went over the other guys previous scars and left none. Thank you!"

  • "I appreciate the amount of time you spent with me. I healed so easily and with less pain than my previous repair attempts." 

    Sarah M.
  • "I have had a few surgeries, but, you are by far the best. You will always have a special place in my heart for your kindness."

    Stacy M.
  • "Thank you for taking such wonderful care of me during my breast cancer episode. You are not only an excellent surgeon, but a kind and empathetic person. You helped me in so many ways."

    Sue A.
  • "Your skills technically and so importantly, professionally and as a healer, made all the difference for me in my recovery."

  • "Thank you Dr. Favre for being a competent, conscientious and compassionate person and doctor."

  • "You are a very good surgeon --who obviously cares about your patients. Your bedside manner is exemplary!"

    Mary Jane F.
  • "I appreciate the precious time you spent visiting me at the hospital and seeing to my recovery."

    Yvonne L.

Providing The Best Specialized Surgical Care in Southern Arizona

Southwestern Surgery Associates is located in Tucson, Arizona. Our surgeons have a long history of providing the best-specialized surgical care in Southern Arizona. All of our Surgeons come from 1st rated training programs, exceeding credentialing criteria, and most have over 10 years of practical surgical experience.  In addition to performing general surgery, individual surgeons sub-specialize in area of expertise such as colorectal, thyroid, lung, breast, hepato-pancreato-biliary, and other advanced cancers. When you come to Southwestern Surgery you benefit from the deep experience and combined talents of a group that has been in continuous practice for more than 40 years.  We strive to advance the art and science of medicine, adhering to the principles of conscientious caring for our customers, cost awareness, and effective communication while fulfilling our responsibilities to the community we serve. Good luck and thanks for visiting.

Thomas V. Harmon, MD, FACS